Civil law

Civil Lawyers in Chandigarh

Civil Lawyers in Chandigarh

Contract, Company, Income-Tax, and Consumer Laws:

  • The Indian Government Act governs the contracts and agreements, and civil courts have jurisdiction. The laws have been a significant area of law since the beginning of trade and law-making, and they have been developed over time and are still quite sophisticated today
  • Depending on the amount of compensation, the Consumer Redressal Forum handles consumer claims.
  • Cases involving income tax are handled by the Income Tax Tribunal. Labor law-related disputes are decided by the labour commissioner.

Therefore, our skilled group of civil lawyers in Chandigarh are capable in every area of law and managing all cases. Nyaydharam Associates’ DRT lawyers in Chandigarh are assiduously working on debt-related issues as well.

Golden Rules

  • Activities in Nyay Dharam
    • Make an appointment in advance.
    • Ask about consultation fees.
    • Watch your punctuality.
    • Carry the necessary papers and files.
    • Vote truthfully and without fear.
    • Implement the advice offered.
    • Maintain composure while keeping an active mind.
    • Be persistent and respect effort.
    • Esteem a clear conscience.
  • Things NOT to do at Nyay Dharam
    • Do not demand free telephone consultations.
    • We respect the time of our lawyers and do not support freeloaders.
    • If you require free legal aid or pro bono assistance, please schedule an appointment before visiting the office.
    • Please make an appointment before visiting.
    • Do not advocate for corrupt practises like bribery, improper favouritism, etc.
    • Do not insist on filing fictitious claims out of a desire for retribution, vengeance, or sadistic fulfilment.
    • Avoid using the law to manipulate parties into an unjust compromise or as a kind of blackmail.
    • Don’t make up things and tell lies.

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