NRI Legal Services

NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh

NRI Legal Services in Chandigarh

Courts, Forums and jurisdictions:

  • Punjab & Haryana High Court
  • District & Session Court Chandigarh
  • Civil Court Chandigarh
  • District & Session Court Mohali
  • Civil Court Mohali

Legal Advice & Consultation

  • Strictly by appointment.
  • Available methods: 1. In-person 2. Email 3. Telephonic

Major Issues Encountered by NRIs/PIOs

What is that attracts one towards foreign countries? The way birds migrate seasonally to the locations wherever they can adapt conveniently. Likewise, every individual looks for growth and opportunities. Therefore undoubtedly, when a person envisions a great future, they will surely opt for that.
Our proficient lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh High Court are acclaimed for resolving all NRI matters and have sound relationships with the embassies and legal authorities. Among various NRI support services in India, legal one is a prominent one. The fact is not hidden from anyone that legal processes in India are always criticized for their protracted nature. And it is much enervative for NRI matters. All the problems in such situations can be tackled by an efficient and expert NRI lawyer on one’s behalf.
Every coin has two sides and the same is the case with migration. A legal framework is necessary and exigent simultaneously to avoid turmoil in any country. There are different problems faced by NRIs and persons of Indian origins. Maximum of them are legal matters which are running from years and due to unavailability of the right assistance in the matters and lack of time they are distressing those non-resident Indians till now.

Nyaydharam makes litigation easy for its NRI (Non-Resident-Indian) clientele through its dedicated NRI Legal Wing. The NRI Legal Wing provides proactive litigation and legal services including:

  • NRI property transfer
  • NRI property fraud
  • NRI divorce & settlement
  • NRI child custody/ Abduction
  • Criminal trespass on NRI property
  • Partition Suits for NRI
  • Illegal encroachment on NRI’s property
  • Eviction on NRI’s property in India
  • NRI Identity Fraud Matters
  • NRI succession and Disputes
  • Probate of will in favor or NRI
  • Will Challenge on behalf of NRI
  • Registering of marriage
  • Business matters
  • Banking matter
  • Immigration
  • Property investment matters

Golden Rules

  • Things to do at Nyay dharam
    • Reserve prior appointment.
    • Inquire on consultation charges.
    • Observe punctuality.
    • Carry essential files and documents.
    • Depose fearlessly & truthfully.
    • Follow up with the given advice.
    • Be calm in spirit and active in mind.
    • Be patient and value hard-work.
    • Believe in good conscience.
  • Things NOT to do at Nyay Dharam
    • Do not insist on free telephonic advice. We value our counsel’s time and do not encourage freeloaders. If you need free legal-aid or pro-bono assistance, come to the office with prior appointment and make a request.
    • Do not come without an appointment.
    • Do not suggest corrupt measures – bribery, undue influence or favor, etc.
    • Do not insist on filing false cases for revenge, vengeance, or sadistic pleasure.
    • Do not use law for arm-twisting/ blackmailing and routing an unfair compromise.
    • Do not tell lies and make concoctions.

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