Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

Courts, Forums and jurisdictions:

  • Punjab & Haryana High Court
  • District & Session Court Chandigarh
  • Civil Court Chandigarh
  • District & Session Court Mohali
  • Civil Court Mohali

Legal Advice & Consultation

  • Strictly by appointment.
  • Available methods: 1. In-person 2. Email 3. Telephonic

Prerequisites of Immigration Process

It is necessary to be aware of the qualifications, requirements, application process, and numerous categories before applying for PR or citizenship in any nation. Our renowned Chandigarh immigration lawyers make sure that your application satisfies all requirements. Immigration is greatly influenced by the applicant’s past, including criminal history and character.

Typically, the applicant is awarded permanent residency (PR) following completion of the legal process, which involves personal verification, document inspection, and an interview, and after meeting the requirements of a particular country, citizenship is granted. Most nations have an appeals process in place if a candidate is denied PR.

Drunk driving charges are treated quite harshly during immigration in the majority of western countries. The person making the immigration application must fill out the form completely and truthfully. Any fictitious information or concealment will be rejected. The most frequent error that people make is to fall for the illegal immigration trap.

  • Topics related to appointment, examination, and joining.
  • Promotion, pay, and arrears are important.
  • Disputes involving reckless and unreasonable disciplinary measures.
  • The effects of a transfer, suspension, or termination.
  • Items to be regulated sporadic, temporary, and internship work

Golden Rules

  • Activities in Nyay Dharam
    • Make an appointment in advance.
    • Ask about consultation fees
    • Watch your punctuality.
    • Carry the necessary papers and files.
    • Vote truthfully and without fear.
    • Implement the advice offered.
    • Maintain composure while keeping an active mind.
    • Be persistent and respect effort.
    • Esteem a clear conscience.
  • Things NOT to do at Nyay Dharam
    • If you require free legal aid or pro bono assistance, please schedule an appointment before visiting the office.
    • Please make an appointment before visiting.
    • Do not advocate for corrupt practises like bribery, improper favouritism, etc.
    • Do not insist on filing fictitious claims out of a desire for retribution, vengeance, or sadistic fulfilment.
    • Avoid using the law to manipulate parties into an unjust compromise or as a kind of blackmail.
    • Don’t make up things and tell lies.

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