Divorce law

Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh

Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh

Courts, Forums and jurisdictions:

  • Punjab & Haryana High Court
  • District & Session Court Chandigarh
  • Civil Court Chandigarh
  • District & Session Court Mohali
  • Civil Court Mohali

Legal Advice & Consultation

  • Strictly by appointment
  • Available methods: 1. In-person 2. Email 3. Telephonic

When to Seek Advice from a Divorce Lawyer?

The frequent inclination to ignore an issue until it becomes worse results in complications like being involved in erroneous and pointless litigation. One must keep in mind that even if one cannot demand perfect fairness from life (let alone another person), there are some things that one simply cannot do. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the correct legal counsel and choose an effective course of action when a spouse (or any member of their family) commits an act that cannot be excused (at least without legal involvement).

    Acts Which May Not Be Condoned:
  • Repeatedly abusing your emotions
  • Direct or indirect dower-mongering.
  • Excessive demands made repeatedly or financial expectations
  • The sole son’s unjustified and compulsive estrangement from his reliant parents
  • Non-marital consummation
  • Unreasonable discontinuation of conjugation
  • Abuse of the mind and emotions, such as character assassination
  • Unjustified limitations alcoholism, gambling, etc.
  • Gaslighting, Constant Lying, Manipulation, and Cheating
  • Repeatedly display extreme dominance and wrath.

One should think about seeing a divorce lawyer right away to learn their choices to avoid frivolous litigation if an argument turns ugly and threats of any form of harm or wrongdoing are made. When a dispute is still in its early stages, documented mediation, reconciliation, and marital counselling can all assist resolve it; however, if there is a delay, these options may expire, which could cause the conflict to worsen or create pain.

Golden Rules

  • Activities in Nyay Dharam
    • Make an appointment in advance and find out the appropriate consultation fees.
    • Ask about consultation fees.
    • Watch your punctuality.
    • Carry the necessary papers and files.
    • Vote truthfully and without fear.
    • Implement the advice offered.
    • Maintain composure while keeping an active mind.
    • Be persistent and respect effort.
    • Esteem a clear conscience.
  • Things NOT to do at Nyay Dharam
    • Avoid recommending or insisting on corrupt practises like bribery, undue favouritism, etc.
    • Do not advocate or insist on using the law to exact harm, retaliate, exact vengeance, or satisfy your sadistic desires.
    • Never offer or insist on using the law to exert pressure or force a compromise.
    • Do not make up or tell lies.

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