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Intellectual Property Lawyers in Chandigarh

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Chandigarh

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Lawyers For Patent Rights

A patent is a legal document that the government issues to the inventor for the innovation that he or she has made and is valid for a specific amount of time. Such protection grants the patent holder exclusive monopoly rights, which they can use to make, sell, and use the innovation while reaping its full economic benefits.

Any true and first inventor, his assignee, or his legal representative may submit a patent application. The Patent search is the first step that must be completed while looking for the award of a patent, starting with the filling out of the application. In Chandigarh, there are few renowned firms that specialise in patent research. After a thorough search has been completed, the patent specification must be prepared, which again calls for highly skilled techno-legal language.

A group of knowledgeable Chandigarh patent attorneys (patent attorneys and patent agents) are well-versed in the significance of patent specifications and the subsequent timely filing of the patent. The priority date is crucial to the process of filing a patent because it determines whether or not to provide patent protection if the patent claim becomes known to the public before the priority date is considered. Any kind of delay in attaining the priority date puts the material at danger of becoming public knowledge and reduces the likelihood that a patent will be granted.

  • The 20-year period of a patent’s protection.
  • The Patent Act of 1970 and The Patent Rules of 2003 control the application process for patents.

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