Criminal lawyer

Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

Region & Jurisdiction:

Nyaydharam Chandigarh Law Office takes up criminal law matters before:

  • The High Court of Punjab & Haryana – In criminal appeals – RSA (regular second appeal), CRM Revision, Writ Habeas Corpus (CRM)
  • The Session Court at Chandigarh
  • The Session Court at Mohali
  • The CJM Court at Derabassi
  • The CJM Court at Kharar

Legal Advice & Consultation

  • Strictly by appointment.
  • Available methods: 1. In-person 2. Email 3. Telephonic

Practise areas, and types of legal services that are available to litigants in Chandigarh

By providing honest and sympathetic dealings to our customers, our knowledgeable criminal lawyers in Chandigarh add thoroughness and trustworthiness to the legal profession. The law firm is able to extend its knowledge in decoding urgent criminal cases due to years of legal practise experience and a structured work methodology. By adhering to the client-attorney privilege and ethics, the firm’s advocates provide open and honest transactions. Instead of making exaggerated claims, our attorneys make brilliant efforts to bring justice for our clients. The firm makes sure that the best legal options are used and that each case receives prompt justice. Criminal law topics demand in-depth investigation, devoted fact checking, and excellent comprehension abilities.

Nyay Dharam criminal law advocates use a systematised approach to work and role division, which further assures that each component of a case receives the proper attention, whether it be fact-study, analysis, drafting, or pleading. Every month, a sizable number of previously misinformed litigants reside at Nyay Dharam Associates LLP in order to receive the right guidance, adopt appropriate aid, and utilise legal options open to them. Nyay Dharam Associates LLP works collaboratively to the best of its ability to help litigants regain confidence in the law and the justice system.

Golden Rules

  • Activities in Nyay Dharam
    • Make an appointment in advance and find out the appropriate consultation fees.
    • Arrive promptly with all necessary and pertinent case-related documentation.
    • Vote truthfully and without fear.
    • Implement the advice offered.
    • Maintain composure while keeping an active mind.
    • Be persistent and respect effort.
    • Esteem a clear conscience.
  • Things NOT to do at Nyay Dharam
    • Avoid recommending or insisting on corrupt practises like bribery, undue favouritism, etc.
    • Do not advocate or insist on using the law to exact harm, retaliate, exact vengeance, or satisfy your sadistic desires.
    • Never offer or insist on using the law to exert pressure or force a compromise.
    • Do not make up or tell lies.

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